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The Val Lewton Home Page
Ken Yousten's excellent site on Lewton, his RKO crew, and his films.

Retrospective on I Walked With A Zombie
Karin Wikoff's essay looking at the film and it's meanings and flavours, from the Yousten Lewton home page.

VAL LEWTON Screenplay Collection
Excellent site for Lewton's scripts

Lovely Miss Dee
Very good page on actress Frances Dee.

King RR's Page
An excellent source page for various classic film rtranscripts, scripts and other things. Includes the transcript to I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE.

Horror-Wood's "The Body Snatcher" page

Horror-Wood's "Bedlam" page
The monthly journal on classic and cult-classic monster films.

Matinee Today
Has a selection of Lewton film posters - most of them lurid and unintentionally funny in comparison to the actual films.

B-Monster Movie Zine
Has some information on Lewton, particularly his film The Seventh Victim.

Robert Wise at the American Film Institute
AFI's site covering the career of Lewton B-unit veteran Robert Wise. Includes many photos, information on Lewton, and Quicktime clips from various films. Extensive information on Wises' non-Lewton films.


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